Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Katrina Collaboration: Regional Response. National Crisis.

Check out Katrina Collaboration. It's a unique response from about a dozen local organizations to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The focus, especially in the short and mid-term, is to address problems locally. Holding fundraisers for Red Cross Cincinnati and United Way Cincinnati to address the needs of those that have relocated to our region. It will also look to do things like provide disaster relief training locally to prepare people in our region to be available as volunteers in the event of a tragedy locally.

In the long-term, Give Back Cincinnati is looking to organize a trip with Habitat for Humanity to the Gulf Coast region in the first half of 2006 under the Katrina Collaboration umbrella.

The kick-off event and fundraiser for Red Cross is on Friday at McFadden's downtown. Come check it out and see what you can do locally to help respond to those in need!

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