Saturday, September 03, 2005


What the Hell is Portune Talking About

This article about the search for a Hamilton County Adminstrator is interesting. If you remember, DeWine and Heimlich voted to remove long time admin Krings from the job 8 months ago. They placed Suzanne Burke into the role on an interim basis.

They've interviewed many candidates, but have not come to a consensus. Portune claims that 3 of the candidates were qualified to take the position, including Suzanne Burke, and complained the process was taking too long.

Portune insists they've had several of the right people - including acting
part-time administrator Suzanne Burke.

"I'm not pleased at all," Portune said. "I felt that the initial round identified at least three candidates who were well-qualified to serve as the next county administrator, but the majority felt we had to go out and re-test the waters."

So, the interim administrator is qualified to handle the job full-time according to Portune. If that is the case, what is the harm in spending a couple extra months making sure the director in charge of a $2 billion business is the BEST possible person. The way I see it from Portune's side, we have a qualified person running the business today, and if no one else better turns up Burke is named the full-time person. If someone else better does turn up, all the better for the county. So quit playing politics. It boils down to the fact that Portune is bitter that Heimlich is running for Lt. Gov. So make that the issue, don't try to play politics with the search of county commissioner.

A FEW MONTHS?!!! I hate to break this to you, but county commissioners should have better things to do than take a couple months finding someone.

Also is Burke's temporary salary more or less than a hired salary. Portune could probably save the county some money by hiring a replacement sooner than later.
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