Thursday, July 07, 2005


Sky Diving Accident and Call to Help

You may have heard about the sky diving accident over the weekend in nearby Richmond, IN. Sean Crossman, 37, a sky diving instructor was killed when his shoot opened unexpectedly and he slammed into a fellow sky diver, Jason Yasuda. Crossman was the father of 2 young children (2 years and 8 months). His family has set up a memorial fund for his children at any 5th/3rd Bank location.

Jason, though not killed in the accident was severly injured. He has extensive injuries, and as is the case all too often these days, he is without medical insurance. Yasuda is the boyfriend of Enquirer Columinst Maggie Downs (the Enquirers resident YP topical writer) who is also an avid sky diver. You will soon be able to go to her blog, Maggie Jumps to donate. But you can also go to the Sky Dive Richmond website and buy any of the 'Richmond Boogies' videos. All proceeds go to pay Jason's medical expenses.

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