Friday, March 18, 2005


UC Development Project Problems

I hope this doesn't cause issues. Any delay would be bad for the project, and would ultimately put the neighborhood in a worse position than it was previously. I am not sure what prompted the demand for Deerings removal from the project, but I would guess it's pretty serious with the way everyone on the committee is being so tightlipped. However, I think Cranley's vailed threat is horrible:

"Our commitment for $3 million was based on a vision presented by Dan Deering," Cranley said. "I think we should take that money off the table until we have some assurances they can make it through this transition."

It's just typical of city council, why make that type of statement in public to the media. It doesn't do anyone any good. If you have concerns work with the redevelopment corporation face to face to let them know of you concerns, don't grandstand to get your name in the paper.

So far, it looks like Dan Deering, was seen as a liability to U.C. in the upcoming settlement of their eminent domain case against In the Wood and Acropolis.
The prospect of a change in use of the land (low price student rentals and condos?) could have a detrimental effect on Clifton Heights property value. Or, the 79% rental neighborhood may turn more towards ownership. Or, landlords, will lower their prices to continue profiting, attracting even less hope for ownership and community.
Ultimately, this thing is bigger than any one can see through to the outcome, at least anyone I've talked to recently.
I don't miss the fast food drive through, and we call the local population here "dents" for a reason. Yes, most everyone feels compassion for the small business' who lost their positions, while up spring three (3) sub shops within 50 ft of each other!!!
As long as I'm on the subject, Who designed that prison looking edifice on Calhoun?
Bring back:
Spunk! Survival! Ulysses!
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