Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Rudi Locked Up

Well, the Franchise Tag was ultimately not needed. The Bengals and Rudi agreed to a 5-year contract today. Couldn't find the financial terms to the deal yet, but I'd guess it's probably a reduction from the 6.2 Million he would have gotten, but a bigger signing bonus. I think it's a plus for the Bengals who know have Palmer, Rudi, Chad, and TJ all locked up through 2008. They can focus their draft on defense, now that they have locked up their offensive skill positions.

Not sure what this means for Chris Perry, who is rumored to have suffered another sports hernia. Is this a sign that they've given up on the 2004 1st round draft pick? I would assume it is.

Good move!
They couldn't afford to let Rudi go. He was their offense and the time is now, we don't need to groom another player for a year.

Perry may turn out to be a good back too, I don't think it signals they have given up, he only had like 2 games last year. He may still have a spot as a speed rusher, plus I think he's got better hands out of the backfield.
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