Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Reigniting the Passion - Bold Fusion Luncheon - June 16

Have you heard of the Bold Fusion event that took place at Paul Brown Stadium in 2004? It was event focused on engaging Young Professionals in this city, and allowing them to sound off on issues that matter to them, and in front of some of the most influential people in the city (Nancy Zimpher President of UC, Stephen Leeper - Head of 3CDC, etc, etc).

Well, there is an event coming up on June 16th that is more intimate, and focused on re-igniting the passion that occurred at Bold Fusion in 2004. It is an interactive panel discussion focused on how Young Professionals in this city are already making a change in how Cincinnati is percieved, AND how you can get more involved in advancing this change! The panel is a group of very talented young people who are really making a difference in this city:

Some come find out about these and other amazing new initiatives in the city. Found out how you can stop saying "Cincinnati has nothing going on" and get actively involved in these changes to our great city. It won't answer all the issues facing our town, but it will certainly make you say "I didn't know that was going on in Cincinnati." You'll be SURPRISED!

Register NOW - Only 60 spots available for the June 16th lunch (11:30-1PM) event... $10 and includes lunch!

I signed up today. Look forward to maybe meeting you at this event.
I'll be there. Hope to see many of you there!
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