Tuesday, March 22, 2005


New Regional Brand

Cincinnati USA - All Together Surprising. That's the slogan that they marketing folks came up with. Now I don't know a lot about marketing, but that slogan seems workable to me. All though I think it has more to do with the money you spend, and who you get your marketing in front of. Not so much on what the actual slogan is. I think they could have made it "Cincinnati USA - It's Not a Dump', and if they spent a lot of money and targeted the folks vacationing and booking conventions they might have still been successful. But overall, I think the slogan is good, I have no objections to it. I think the title 'surprising' is a good one for not only marketing Cincinnati outside the region, but also to the folks in the 'burbs who haven't been downtown for 7 years, but complain that Cincinnati has nothing to offer.... come on down... you'll be 'surprised' at what you find.

I agree. Suburbanites who haven't been downtown need to just come down once in a while and check it out. Stop by some of the small locally owned shops that aren't tied to malls. And in case you are scared then come down in the daytime it's really pretty safe.
It annoys me when people talk ill of something that they don't know much about.
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