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That's what it sounds like when I read this article aloud. I will be the first to say that I am not in agreement that the government has a definite role in regulating smoking. I will say that I enjoy the smoking ban quite a bit.

I just got back from California, and it sure is nice to spend an evening in a bar and not smell like an ash tray when you're done. I'm getting ready to head to Austin and can't wait to spend the week at the music venues and not come out with scratchy eyes.

Let's take a look at some of the lame excuses provided by the business owners:

"Pam Parker, a tavern owner from Grove City near Columbus, said she fears the bar she bought with her husband will go out of business, because loyal customers want to smoke and no longer can."

a) people who regularily smoke and drink are not going to overnight quit drinking and smoking. They may 'protest' at first by staying away, but eventually they will learn to deal with it. b) I have an idea, why don't you start catering and advertising your business to the new population of folks that will go out more (like me) now that smoking is banned!

"Shawver said voters were confused by Issues 4 and 5. "

a) no, that is exactly what the tobacco companies that backed issue 4 wanted to happen, but unfortunately for them the people who vote aren't as dumb as they thought/hoped.

I have an idea, get over it. It's law, and it's the 17th state (as well as hundreds of other municipalities) that have passed it. It is constitutional, and it's time to move forward. People will continue to smoke, and they'll do it outside... or maybe, just maybe, they'll use it as an opportunity to quit smoking, definitely not a bad health choice.

Not smelling like an ashtray will mean so much after I get broad sided by a drunk.
Why is it its ok to drink in a bar but not smoke. Is drinking somehow healthy?

I think the majority of people who voted for the ban, like my co-workers have kids, and don't even go to bars. issue 4 made way more sense.
And who are the next victims of government action? Lets see, global warming seems like a hot issue. Maybe we can have inspection of homes that are not insulated properly or mansions like Gores that need to be shut down. After all, according to the global nuts, the entire planet is at risk which is slightly more than second hand smoke. And of course fat people are gobbling up all the resources of our health system so we need to drive out all resturants that serve foor that has any taste.

The interesting thing is that many who are all excited about second hand smoke laws are totally against any restriction of any kind of the murder of the child in the womb. Second hand smoke may cause damage if you are exposed to a very large amount over a very long time frame while the murder of a child is very instantaneous. Seems like if we are going to ban smoking for the reasons given, then we should also go after every other action which might cause harm. And when they are done with all these people, will they then come for you?
Joe, I don't know you but I agree with you. I am quite happy that we can now go to bars, clubs & bowling alleys and not smell like cigarettes.
I just can't see how drinkers are so happy to sacrifice the rights of smokers.
When you add up the cost of drinking; drunk driving murders (if you go out drinking knowing that you are going to drive its no accident) domestic violence, lost production, criminal activity, homelessness. Doesn't it seem hypocritical to condemn smoking so you're drinking experience is more pleasant?
5chw4r7z, I think you're missing my point. I've already said, I probably don't agree that the gov't has a role in this. My point is, it doesn't do a lot of good as a bar owner to complain about the rules. It's law, if it upset you this much you should have spent more time stopping it from happening, campaigning against it... voting, etc.

By the way, your reference to Drunk Driving makes no sense. Drinking and driving is against the law already. You're not allowed to do it, and if you do you get punished. just like it's okay to smoke, you just can't do it indoors. No one is stopping anyone from smoking, you are just restricted where you can do it.
The majority of restaurant/bars eventually see higher numbers of patrons after smoking bans go in place if the statistics are to be trusted but those same statistics also show that many neighborhood (re: mom and pop)bars, who depend on "regulars" go out of business due to patrons staying for shorter periods of time.
The law is good for TGI Fridays and the like but I suspect the market would have shown them that the cost savings of not paying for air filters and increased business would have gotten them to ban smoking themselves.
The market didn't dictate in this case. Maybe small bar owners will be at the forefront to change the law.
Joe, i totally agree with you. And for those that have stuff to say about it, if you were a non smoker you would understand. For me, being submerged in smoke is like being forced to hold my breath underwater, i literally feel like im going to implode and die! NOt to mention the REEKING smell of nasty a** smoke in my clothes after I leave the place. i guess the best way to make a smoker understand me is to think of something that you hate and someone is standing right next to you and purposefully doing or eating or blowing the smell or odor of that thing you hate in your face! NOt only is that disrespectfull, but you yourself feel like its a detriment to your ya feel me now?
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