Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Moerlein Oktoberfest - Oh Boy

Christian Moerlein.... my most favorite beer family.... is set to launch another new brew. This time it's Oktoberfest. They have had a seasonal Oktoberfest in the past, but this is a new launch, with new name, and slightly new taste. Should be great...

They are opening the Elder Cafe at Findlay Market again to launch the beer with proceeds going to OTR Foundation and the OTR Brewery District. SHould be a great weekend, and I am bummed I am going to miss it, as I will be out of town... CHeck out the details below


I'll be there Saturday, after the OTR they debuted, I'm already licking my lips, I can taste it already.
It’s getting very difficult now to decide between Great Lakes and Christian Moerlein as my favorite brewer.
Hey thanks for the heads up on this event.

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I made a typo, my email is actually christopher@etastart.com. Sorry for the double post.
oh man; i miss their beer more than any other in the states.
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