Sunday, June 17, 2007



I've posted about before and I love it... here are the reasons why I previously loved it:

1) Saved - The Cincinnati-based world's best radio station. woxy was to be wiped from the face of the earth and the backers of swooped in with cash to keep them going.

2) Cheap CDs - I still love Shake It and buy 99% of my music there because I like to interact with real people... but every once in a while there's a CD you want, and sells new CDs for cheaper than you can shake a stick at.

3) Trade CDs - They have an amazing service that lets you send and recieve CDs from others for $1/CD... but what's really great about that, is that the artists get a cut of the proceeds from that trade, so it's WAY better than burning CDs.

Well, went and made themselves even better... you can now 'upload' your music to the site. They keep record of all the music you own, and you can log in from any internet connection and have complete access to your entire music library. Not just from your home PC, but from ANY PC... Okay, not cool enough? Well it gets even better.. you can create what amounts to your own internet 'radio station'. You create your own playlists and then you share them out...

My first try at this will be the 2006 Hansbauer Holiday's basically my best of 2006. You can listen to it by clicking below (if you weren't already sent it before). I am also going to attempt to create a new playlist about once per week with some interesting music, a mix of new and old. So click below and enjoy! And be sure to check out, it's amazing.


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