Sunday, June 17, 2007


More Music - Pandora

I blogged about Pandora last week. It's a cool site (less directly customizable than, but it allows you to create stations. Those stations then generate music based on the music genome project that does a very good job of finding other artists (some you have heard of, some you haven't) that are similar in style to those that you like.

You can also share out playlists from that site. I have created a 'Quick Mix' based on about 2 dozen artists I like. You can then listen to this station for a sample of the type of music I supposedly like. As I mentioned, as opposed to that allows you to pick out specific artists and specific songs for a radio playlist, the Pandora playlist is 'computer' generated.

Check out my Pandora Quick Mix here... make your own and send it over to me!

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