Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Christian Moerlein - OTR ALE!!!!

Huzzah! What an awesome piece of news... This is the event I mentioned that was going to be occurring at Findlay Market.

Christian Moerlein (which should be everyone's favorite beer) is rolling out a new beer. It's a Pale Ale and it's going to be called Christian Moerlein OTR. To kick it off they are re-opening (for 5 days) the former Elder Cafe bar at Findlay Market on April 25th.

Shortly there after you'll be able to enjoy the tasty new beverage at Give Back Cincinnati's Derby Party on Fountain Square on May 5th... so join us for some fun and great new beer...

I'll add more later when I find out more about the launch festivities are at Findlay Market.

I want a Newport Royal Amber, for those of us who have heard rumors of Wiedemann's Royal Amber.
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