Monday, April 23, 2007


Banks 2010

I went to the meeting at Duke Energy today at lunch that discussed the new AIG/Carter plans for the Banks. It's a bit different (more modern) than the old plan, but I really like it.

Some notes:

This is an evening picture of the 2 blocks proposed to be developed first. You will see on the south side of the development (closest to the river) buildings that are lower. These are set to be lower density housing in the form of townhomes. You also see the glass restaruant sitting on the lawn of the Freedom Center. The glass building on the top left of the image is the planned office development. We should note that ALL of this can/likely will change to a certain extent as they finalize the plan and determine what the market will bear!

Here are two renderings of what things would look like from the street level looking towards Great American. All in all I think the new renderings looks great. It'll be nice to see some things coming out of the ground!


This would be very sweet. I'll believe it when I see it though.

[I've been reading your blog since I saw the article in the breakroom and figured I'd throw you a comment.]

Thanks for writing this.
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