Friday, March 23, 2007


May Bike Month - Cincinnati

May is National Bike Month. This year Cincinnati is re-energizing the event, and has launched a community supported biking 'wiki'. The site ( is focused on collecting information about cycling in Cincinnati.

The major first use of the site is to promote Bike Month in Cincinnati. If you're a cyclist (recreation or serious) i really encourage you to learn more about it, and get involved. You can volunteer, sponsor, bike, or just spread the word. But for numerous reasons (gas prices, traffic, pollution, health) there is real momentum to make biking easier and safer in communities across the country.

I know that for the Riverfront Park there is discussion about creating a bike 'center'. With bike lockers, locker rooms and bike repair shop. The cost would be minimal (and less than parking). Add that to the street car line and bike commuting in CIncinnati will get MUCH easier!

I've always been too much of a wuss to cycle in London, but I think I could manage it in Cincinnati. As I'm not driving here, I'll definitely have to check out local bike shops.

--jackie danicki
I love biking, the rumored Bike Center at Riverfront Park would be an awesome addition to the Cincinnati Park system.
The connection from Theodore Berry Park to Lunken must be a priority. I keep hearing that people are working on the issue, but it never seems to get done. I know some rights of way must be purchased, and I guess it all comes down to paying for it.
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