Sunday, February 04, 2007


Main Street Transition?

Main Street Entertainment District to be soon known as Main and Twelth Street Theater District? Combine the art galleries on North Main, the Art Academy at 12th and Jackson, Ensemble Theater at 12th and Race, Know Theater on Jackson St. and the recently announced permanent home of New Stage at the former Jekyll & Hyde's. It's all really exciting for the district that now strecthes from 12th to Liberty on Main, with a T from Main Street over to Race.

That doesn't even take into account the energy around Music Hall and Washington Park and all the new condos and apartments being brought online in the next 30-90 days in the Gateway location around the art academy.

I think the entire area in OTR is ready for a boost of participation and life. There are so many people working to make this happen, and it's exciting. It might not be the late night spot anymore, but it certainly is going to have a new type of energy.

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