Monday, February 19, 2007


Jump to Re-Open as Mixx Ultra Lounge

As I mentioned last week, Jump is being re-opened as a Sushi Restaurant. The owners of nearby Vinyl are going to bring the restaurant (and upstairs private club) to Main St. by early spring/summer.

I think it's great that Jump will get some new life (it's in an important location at the corner of 12th and Main... especially when you look to connect in Know Theater and Ensemble Theater. I also think it's great they have announced the inclusion of a latin themed club Ocho Rios at the former Club Clau space.

What I don't get is the private club idea. That seems to have not worked a couple of other times/locations in Cincinnati/NKY. I just don't know who is paying $200-$500/month to be part of a club.... maybe I'm just clueless...

Also mentioned in the Joe Wessels article, is the desire to rebrand from Main Street Entertainment District to something new. I think that's really smart... however the two names mentioned (Mid-City, and The Loop) seem like a bad idea to me. As seen below, 3CDC and many developers have already began marketing the 12th and Vine area (near Ensemble, Know, and the Kroger Gateway Condos) as The Gateway Quarter. Seems to me this is the perfect opportunity to jump on board with that, and have one unified area of OTR that includes the new SCPA, 12th/Vine area, Ensemble, Know and all of Main Street and identify that as the Gateway Quarter. It's got a nice ring (think New Orleans - French Quarter).

mixx is great!!!
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