Wednesday, February 14, 2007


CiN Kari Goes to Austin

Kari from CinWeekly is going to Austin for SXSW and she's started a blog about it... It appears from her description, this may be the first time she's been down there... now I'm no expert (this will only be my second year), but my good friend Chuck has been begging me to go down for about a decade... so I feel like it's my tenth time down. ANd I've been to Austin about 2 dozen times... so here's my unofficial tips for Kari...

- Breakfast - Kirby Lane - yummy gingerbread pancakes.. make sure you get there and make sure you go to the original on Kirby Lane.

- Sunday Gospel Brunch - Stubb's... so, you know the BBQ, but the real secret is the gospel lunch every Sunday.. make reservations and take in the tunes!

- Yard Dog - Day Parties - there are plenty to go to, and I am sure I'll be hopping around, but Yard Dog is in a cool little part of town away from the chaos (SoCo - South Congress). And they've got great bands most every day... see my blog entry below for some of them.

Okay, that's it for now... maybe my friends and I will cross paths with Kari while we are down there!

Thanks for the tips, Joe! This will indeed be my first trip to SXSW - and my first time in Austin!
Sounds good, but where is the original Kirby Lane?
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