Friday, January 19, 2007


Shared Cars

So... I was looking for information for the post below (Streetcars in Cincinnati). Then I stumbled onto London Streetcar... and man, would it be great to have here in CIncinnati. As someone who has a single car (by choice) between my wife and I, this type of system would be invaluable. It would also be a great resource to those that perhaps can't afford to own there own car, but need to get to the grocery.

It's simple. You reserve a car (just like you'd be reserving a rental car) online or via phone. You have your 'key card'. You arrive at one of hundreds of locations where the cars are, enter your keycard and type in your pin.... and you're on your way. You go about your business and then return it at the same location or any of the others and check it in. It costs $5/hour or $35 for a day.

Here's a list of locations around the world that have a similar concept in place:

Type in Car Sharing in google and see all the places/companies that do this. I don't think Cincinnati is ready (not enough density, but this would be a great way to improve urban living).

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