Monday, January 22, 2007


Open Letter - Marvin Lewis

Dear Marvin Lewis,

When is it time to say enough? As a season ticket holder, I understand the drive to win as much as the guys sitting next to me in the stands. We remember the Bungles and the empty stands. I don't want to go back to that, not ever!

When I used to tell people that I was a Bengals fan they would laugh, or get a confused look on their face. "Really?" they would ask. That was embarassing. You arrived and things changed. We began to win games, and then Carson arrived to lead us to the playoffs last year. It was glorious, once again I could wear my bengals gear in public, even purposely packing it for vacations to deliver my pride across the country.... "I am a Bengals fan!" However, it's just as embarrassing (maybe more) now. I know what the 'company line' is going to be. We don't comment on on-going investigations. Or maybe the ever present, "I can't babysit them 24 hours a day".

I am tired of those excuses. I am now laying the blame on you. You are hear to coach a football team, but you're also here as a representative of our community. When the first, the third or even the eigth different person gets arrested, perhaps you can say 'boys will be boys'. At some point though, it comes down to leadership. Maybe it's the type of players you and your staff are selecting (with talent being the only criteria). Maybe it's being too loose in the punishment handed down. I don't know, but I call on you to fix it.

Sure we're winning again, but I don't want to go out in public with a grocery bag over my face whenever I have Bengals gear on. Please fix it!

Joe Hansbauer

Somebody needs to get cut, maybe not Joseph, but someone. It's out of control. Is Lewis even worth it? 3 seasons he finished .500 out of 4.
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