Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Give Back Cincinnati Service Travel - New Orleans and the Dominican Republic

It's a new year and a new schedule of events for Give Back Cincinnati. The final list of events for all of 2007 should be published on the Give Back website in the coming days. But there are two that I want to specifically call out, because I think they are really important and unique. I will create a second post for the other in just a moment.

First is Service Travel:

Join us to learn about Service Travel trips to New Orleans and the Dominican Republic with Katrina Collaboration, Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity Young Professionals, and Give Back Cincinnati. Having been on the trips to Ecuador (2005) and New Orleans (2006), I can tell you that it's both fun and rewarding. I have an incredible group of friends that many I had not even met prior to these trips. It's a great way to meet new people in Cincinnati.

Click on a link below to RSVP for one of the Info Sessions:


Thanks for the heads up - Looks like there's still a lot to choose from this year!
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