Thursday, January 25, 2007


Editorial or Not - Enquirer Article is Irresponsible

Allowing something like this to be printed in the newspaper and distributed to tens of thousands of people is irresponsible. Even if it is printed under the title 'editorial' there is still some limit to what should be promoted.

The piece, written by Theodore Bering of Anderson Township, has no basis in fact, and even less basis in reality. To even propose that instead of continued work on the banks deal, that they land on the riverfront (quite possibly some of the most prime real estate in any major city in the United States) should be used to build a jail is irrational.

But what pisses me off the most is this statement, "businesses still located in the downtown area are mainly unused, some have closed and others lacking customer support or parking will eventually fail and close because of uncontrolled street gangs, thugs, panhandling, etc."

I am with the next guy that says some areas such as OTR, West End, Avondale and others have some crime issues that must be addressed and that a jail is important. However, indicating that the downtown area has problems with 'uncontrolled street gangs' is ignorant. Flat out ignorant. It is very obviously a comment from a man who has not stepped inside of the downtown in years. Or is simply a flat out lie... one of the two. I spend every day and many weekday/weekend nights in downtown for work and for fun. I can tell you i've yet to see the gangs he speaks of.

Stop the lies and the propaganda. Quit printing filth like this, Enquirer! It's not true, and you know it's not. If you can't edit the editorials, then don't print them!

Downtown is not struggling... I was downtown at 9 PM on a Wednesday night last night, and you couldn't get a seat at Rock Bottom... obviously this isn't the sign of a struggling business... just wait until all the rest of the tenants in 5th/3rd are announced and open by June!

Yeah probably, but they are merely printing what everyone in the 'burbs wants to read. I bet a hundred bucks if they started talking about how great downtown was everyone in Mason would immediately skip to the next story.
When ever I start talking about downtown my co-workers fight over who gets to cut me off first with
"you'll get shot!!!"
Hey! I agree the writer is full of it, but it's a newspaper's responsibility to publish the diversity of opinions that are out there. I bet more people than just this guy think your life is in immediate danger the second you step inside city limits.

Publishing such extremist opinions does help the "good side": It's better to have ignorance out in the open, so you know it's there and it's a problem. The rest of us can see the wrong opinions we're up against, which helps inspire motivation and ideas to combat them.
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