Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Busy Fountain Square

It's just a rough draft, but everyone should take note of the calendar of events that has quietly been posted to the Fountain Square website.

It's chock full of 'stuff'. When I say full... I mean full! Starting in early May and lasting through late September there are literally one or more events planned every day. That's impressive. 3CDC and Fountain Square Mgmt are living up to their end of the bargain to make FS lively and active... now if 5th/3rd could get off their rump and get some damn tenants signed!

My favorite new event.. this looks awesome... the Flower Carpet (Apr. 14-29). It's in the tradition of public flower carpets in Europe. Check out this site for an example.

Here's a preview of some of the other 'stuff':

- Partner Events - Bock Fest Kick-off (Mar. 1), Mini-Heart Marathon Events (Mar 25), Reds Opening Day (Apr.2), Bridge Climb Kick-Off (Apr. 13), Flying Pig Events (May 1-4),
- Celebrations - Fountain Day - New event to celebrate turning the fountain back on (Mar. 19th), KY Derby Party by Give Back Cincinnati (May 5)
- Games - XBOX Challenge (May 24-25), Spelling Bee (May 30),
- Events - Fountain Square Market (Tuesdays starting May 29), Movie Night (Saturdays starting Jun 2),
- Sports - Mondays starting Jun 4th - Dodgeball, Human Foosball, Four Square, Badminton, Volleyball, Sumo Wrestling
- Music - Fridays starting May 25th - Live Music every friday evening, Thursdays at lunch acoustic thursdays.

Okay... you get the idea... check out the rest online. - All dates subject to change.

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