Friday, September 15, 2006


Washington Park Music Festival - WPMF

A dream come true... not sure how big this years event will be (we're shooting for 200)... but this is something I've wanted to do since going to SXSW and seeing all the great day shows. These shows are something of a traidition in Austin... lining up bands to play, and often times grilling out and providing cheap or free beer to get things started for all the great shows that night.

So along with the help of so many others, we are launching a great event in Washington Park. And while we are at it, we're going to raise some money for OTR Foundation and the Washington Park Community Partners.

You get in free if you have an MPMF wristband or badge, and if you don't it's just a $2 donation. Beers are just $2 as well, and we'll have some pizza or other grub for cheap. See you Saturday, Sept. 23rd at Washington Park (across from Music Hall, 12th and Elm) 11:30-5:30! Then head on out to MPMF!

And we've got some great bands lined up... some of the best of MPMF.

Click to listen to a sample:
Stapleton's - Cincinnati
Duwende - New York City
Campfire Crush - Cincinnati
Shane Bartell - Seattle
The Rockwells - Nashville

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