Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Let's Get Rolling

I must say, I don't often agree with Paul Daugherty. But in his article yesterday, I couldn't be in more agreement.

Many of you are likely familiar with the Little Miami Bike Trail (the loveland bike trail). And I'd say it's likely that a large majority of you have been to loveland and the bike trail in the past year. And probably a huge majority of you have also stopped in and had a snack, a bite to eat, or maybe an ice cream cone while you were that...

Now, remove that bike trail... how many of you would have gone to Downtown Loveland? I bet the answer is very few... that's the impact that Bike Trails can have.

As Mr. Daugherty accurately mentions, this is not the cure-all. It's not going to magically make all Young Professionals immediately get up and move to Cincinnati. However it is these small steps that help. Start making decisions that make life in Cincinnati attractive and pile one on top of the other and soon you will have a city to be really proud of.

In the next few years, we'll start to see Fountain Square come alive, we'll see bulldozers on the Riverfront for the Banks, we'll see a return to downtown living with condo dwellers, and we'll see a riverfront park begin to emerge. What I think we should be doing RIGHT NOW, is finishing this trail. Connect it to make a 100 mile long trail all the way to Yellow Springs... all we need to do this and get it into downtown is finish a 4 mile stretch from Lunken to Downtown. Hamilton County took the lead earlier this year and brought the trail from it's former end (milford) and took it to Little Miami Golf Course through Terrace Park. Now all we have to do is jump over the beechmont levee to connect to the existing Lunken trail, and then make it from there to downtown. It's not a tough task and all it really takes is someone with leadership at City Hall to stand up, show a little creativity and some leadership and we'll be ready to go!

I couldn't agree more, Joe. I started cycling again in earnest this year, and it flat out sucks to have nowhere to ride -- at least nowhere to ride that doesn't endanger my life -- near downtown. The Loveland Trail is nice, but driving 30 minutes to get there defeats the purpose. And the Lunken circle trail sucks.

I was in Portland for vacation last month, and nearly wept at the cyclists everywhere. Seeing how the motorists respected bikes was especially impressive.

Good to see you at MPMF, though I wish you would've kept the Chad-hawk!
Joe, I think this is a good idea and somebody ought to get down to City Hall and put pressure on them to finish it. It wouldn't hurt to bother the county commission about it either. Being an avid cyclist, I see the direct effect the LM Trail has had on the many communities it travels through. I, too, ride downtown and wonder when I might get struck. I can get as far as Ted Berry Park and then have to turn around and go back. Not so fun...
Good lookin' out...
Take a lane!
Let me expand.

Downtown areas aren't as dangerous as they seem, sure there are more cars, but they are going much slower. Most downtown speed limits are between 25-30MPH. The danger comes when you ride so far right that cars insist on squeezing by you. This is uncomfortable and forces you in the "Door Zone". Not good.

In cases like this, take the whole lane. Ride right smack dab in the middle of the lane. This way cars have to go into the other lane to pass you and you are not squeezed into the "Door Zone". Downtown riding is a blast, it takes some confidence, though and an understanding of the laws. Pick up the "Art of Urban Cycling", it's got plenty of tips.
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