Thursday, September 21, 2006


MPMF - Thursday

It's here folks... and everyone should be downtown tonight and the rest of the weekend. This festival is growing and exciting. Ignore the 'noise' in regards to Main St. We can worry about that one next week. This weekend it's going to be the Main Street of old, and most importantly it's going to be fun!

Don't forget about WPMF at Washington Park - Saturday 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM - Click banner ad above or scroll down for more details!

My Picks (Click on Bands to listen to a clip)

9:00 PM
Sohio - Neon's

10:00 PM
Broadcast Live - Club Dream
The Flouride Program - Jekyll & Hyde's
Spielerfrau - Guidp's Corner Tap (10:15 PM)

11:00 PM
The Lab Rats - Club Dream
Josh Aran - Jekyll & Hyde's

The Iry - Know Theatre Downstairs

I'd also recommend these local bands - but I tend to try to catch the out of town bands as you don't get the chance to see them as much:

Tracy Walker - 11:00 - Courtyard
Chaselounge - 12:15 - J Hall
The Newbees - 10:15 - Know Upstairs
Wojo - 12:15 - Mr. Pitiful's
Katie Reider - 12:15 - Neon's Courtyard

I agree on Sohio...I see they are playing at the Dayton Music Fest...I will be there!
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