Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Fountain Square Reopens - Oct. 14th

If you haven't heard yet, Fountain Square Reopening will be celebrated on Oct. 14th, and it's going to be an all day affair.

It all kicks off at Noon, with a series of speeches, performances, addresses, and the first official use of the 42-foot video board atop Macy's with the 1,000 faces of Cincinnati project.

I'm most excited about the evening entertainment. It starts off with DJ Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli. DJ Hi-Tek is a Cincinnati native, you can read more about him in CityBeat.

Next is Los Lobos, they are a fantastic tex-mex, rock and roll band that has been making records since the mid-70's, but have been most busy from the late 80's through this year.

But i'm most excited about OK GO. If you haven't seen their homemade videos yet, you need to check them out on www.okgo.net. But, so you don't have to go digging here's one for your viewing pleasure, click to watch.

Click on the ad below to go to the Fountain Square website for more

Hey, this is a pretty cool idea to have the 1,000 faces of Cincinnati on the new jumbo-tron.

I recently visited this site popfaces.com. Wouldn't it bee cool to have a Fountain Square image or another image from Cincinnati?
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