Thursday, May 04, 2006


Three Great Music Festivals in Cincinnati

Jammin' On (May 12-13)
Desdemona Music Festival (June 23-25)
MidPoint Music Festival (Sept. 20-23)

These three events are a wonderful showcase for music in Cincinnati. But I think more importantly have the potential to grow into significant local, regional and nationally events. If all three can gain support and popularity it would position Cincinnati as a city that embraces and supports music.

Also interesting is that each has its niche place in the music scene. Jammin' On is an OTR based event that focuses on Local Original live music. Showcasing a tremendous local music scene that is currently overflowing with talent.

Desdemona is new in 2006, and while it also has a component of local music (putting on stage some of the best and most successful local acts) it's focus is on regional and national indie acts.

MidPoint Music Festival continues to grow and garner national attention as a true celebration of unsigned music. Where South by Southwest has morphed into a way for small lables to showcase their newly signed acts, MidPoint focuses entirely on the best unsigned bands in the country. It's different from Desdemona, in that Des Fest brings in bands that may not be filling up Riverbend soon, but they are certainly very well respected indie bands who in most cases do have record deals and critical success.

It's a great crop of music festivals.... and they're all the creation of Cincinnati-based 'creative class' folks. Nick Spencer is turning his dream into a reality with DesFest. Bill Donabedian and Sean Rhiney brought MPMF to us from nothing 5 years ago. And Cari Clara's Eric Deidrich's was the brianchild (as far as I know) of Jammin' On, after Jammin' on Main was suddenly cancelled last year after a decade of celebrations.

It's another great example of young, creative people stepping in to fill the void and make Cincinnati reach the potential it has, and fill in where the holes have been. Just another reason why I love Cincinnati... it's a big town, but it's small enough that people can step in and make things happen without a million dollar bank roll...

Now... everyone needs to go out and support these great events that truly make Cincinnati a unique place to live.

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