Wednesday, May 03, 2006


JHall Move Bad for OTR?

Jefferson Hall is packing up the boxes and moving to Newport on the Levee... seems like a bit of a stretch for JHall to be moving to the Levee, but I guess we'll see... Just doesn't seem to be the Levee type of crowd, but I could be wrong. And perhaps the addition of JHall to the Levee will bring in a new crowd to the Levee... there are certainly more open spaces that could build on the live music theme and make the Levee more of a night spot... I'm sure Bar Louie would be happy about that.

As for OTR... does this hurt? Certainly it hurts Main st, but perhaps something will come in there and spur interest in the area. Re-creating Main St as a neighborhood bar location, and as an indie music main stay seems like the way to go... hopefully there will be something in there before September for MPMF.

That does make me consider what MPMF will do this year. I know a few years ago it included bars in nky and outside of Main Street. But the last two years have been focused much more in OTR - perhaps it's time to expand outside the area again?
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