Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I Love Austin

Just returned from a weekend in Austin. It was South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival week in Austin. I am not sure how it happened, but somehow in the 20th year of SXSW, I somehow just managed to make it there for the first time.

Let me just quickly say... WOW... what a great time, great music festival and great city. I am of course an unabashed Cincinnati fanatic, but I do love me some Austin a couple times a year!

So, enough of the gushing, how about some facts. Here are a couple lists for you

Top Reasons Why I Loved Austin BEFORE attending SXSW:
  1. Kerbey Lane - The original Kerbey Lane on Kerbey Lane. Great breakfast, Gingerbread pancakes, do I need to say more? Okay, here is more. All products are grown locally at a locally owned farm. No pesticides, and open 24 hours.
  2. Zilker Park - Great Big park right on the river.
  3. Austin City Limits Music Fest - Great concert in an awesome park. Every September.
  4. 6th Street and the Warehouse District - Two awesome areas to bar hop.
  5. Stubb's or Ironworks BBQ - Austin may be different, but it's still Texas, you gotta have BBQ.
  6. Austin Wireless City - Wifi Anyway... but Lily Pad is better! :)
  7. Waterloo Records - 2nd best record store in the country after Shake It Records in Northside.

Top New Reasons I Love Austin AFTER SXSW

  1. SXSW Music Festival - Why did I wait 20 years?
  2. Continental Club - What an awesome historic venue. And the Alejandro Escovedo show to close SXSW was my second favorite Alejandro show ever... (i've seen him probably 20 times).
  3. SoCo - South Congress Street. I've been to Austin probably 20 times, and this is the first time I've been to South Congress Street, where you'll find about 10 of my new 'favorite things' in Austin
  4. Guero's Taco Bar - Good Food, Great Atmosphere
  5. Yard Dog Art Gallery - Great art venue and my favorite spot for SXSW day shows.
  6. SXSW Day Shows - Sure the evening showcases are great, but how can you beat seeing some great music for free with a small audience? Oh I know... throw in the free beer and free food... good times.
  7. Stubb's BBQ Sunday Gospel Brunch - Stubb's was already on my list, but we stumbled onto this on Sunday afternoon. They have a brunch (traditional mexican breakfast (migas, tacos, etc) and BBQ Lunch) but the added treat is an 8-piece Southern Baptist Gospel Band. Just when we thought we couldn't see anymore music we got this for Sunday Brunch, Awesome!
  8. Habana Calle 6 - Another great venue that I'd never been to before. Cool outdoor patio.
  9. Waterloo Records Instore Peformances - Another one on my previous list, but it's cool factor went up when we walked in to buy a pair of earplugs and found Grammy Winner Norah Jones playing in-store to about 25 people with her new band the Little Willie's...

And I'll end on that note... did I mention I Love Austin?

Never been to Austin. How's the transportation? How did you get around? By car all the time?
June 14th--Alejandro is back at the Southgate House. Maybe this can become your favorite.
Austin does rule. I love going there. Someone asked about transportation, it's not the greatest. If you are in the downtown area it's fine, but outside, it's not so good.
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