Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The Banks should be Renamed The Bortz

Councilman Chris Bortz introduced a motion today to revamp the Port Authority of Cincinnati. The plan would reduce from 18 down to 5 the number of board members, and increase their scope and powers. I have no information of this, but I am hoping this is step #1 in a two step plan to turn back over the control of the Banks to the Port Authority (who originally had control of the project until is ripped out from under them by the County last summer). Step #2 being to take the project and hand it to the port, removing it from the political arena, and handing it over to a non-partisan group (one I might add that actually knows something about economic development and project development).

We'll see where this goes, and it is certainly larger than the banks (it gives the port authority over economic development anywhere in Hamilton County). For this to happen the County would have to ratify an exact copy of the same set of guidelines... which opens the question... what is the chance of the City and County agreeing to the exact same guidelines for the banks? I put it at one in a million.

So you will support a group to develop the banks who has done development like this before?
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