Wednesday, March 22, 2006


3CDC Selection for Fountain Square Event Programming

3CDC will be holding a press conference on Friday at 3 PM at Palomino's to announce there selection for the Event Programming Director for Fountain Square. This full time position is absolutely critical to the success of Fountain Square's redevelopment. You can move fountains, plant pretty trees, and open some new restaurants, but the programming is the key to make it a long term success. If you don't have consistent quality programming, and give people a reason to come back again and again, then the 'newness' will wear off quickly and you'll have an empty square.

I can not announce who the selection is, but I am 100% delighted at the choice. I was convinced that 3CDC would select a candidate from outside of our region. I can tell you that this did not happen, and I can't think of anyone more qualified to do this job than the person they selected. I wish I could tell you now, but stay tuned for the official announcment (maybe I'll give you a spoiler post about 2:45 on Friday!)

$100 Million dollar scam. what a joke. Bring back the planning department.
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