Thursday, February 23, 2006


Rumors 'Round the 'Nati

Just a few things I've 'heard' lately. Some are more for sure than others, but thought I'd pass them along.

Calhoun St/UC - The new development (where Potbelly's is) continues at a snails pace. However, the Panera Bread and Ben and Jerry's should both open in the Spring. And brand new info, a new Burrito place is entering the Cincy market. BoLoCo. Stands for Boston Local Company and the burrito joint in Cincinnati will be one of about 10 nationwide.

Fountain Square - This one is much less 'for sure', but I've heard that Mytho's (Greek Gyro place in downtown and Newport) is opening up a restaurant on the square. Not sure if it will be a smaller 'stand' type location or a full blown restaurant.

BoLoCo is John Pepper's Jr.'s chain. Glad to see he is bringing it back home!
What a neat webpage that burriot joint has!
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So has anyone gone to Boloco recently? The food is excellent and cheap.
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