Monday, January 09, 2006


Who Dey Spirit Will Live - Lewis Gives it to Roethlisberger

One unfortunate hit to Palmer's knee put an end to a great season. You can only hope to be back to the playoffs again next year, but in the NFL making the playoffs is anything but a certainty. Hated to see Palmer go down, but I certainly don't think it was a dirty hit. It's football, and unfortunately Palmer's knee got in the way of a 300 pound man rolling on the ground.

As the media probed and prodded Marvin Lewis after the game, trying to get him to say the play was dirty, his response was classic:

“Gee whiz, the guy got hurt. You can’t get it back,” Lewis said to the probing media. “To sit there and baby and cry like their quarterback, it’s ridiculous.”

This was in reference to cry-baby Ben after the last game in which Thurman hit Ben, and Ben complained after the game that the play was dirty. Who Dey is right, and we'll be ready with Carson back in 2006 against the Steelers.

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