Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Newport Re-Development Moving Along

The contract to demolish the Public Housing in West Newport on the riverfront had it's first reading at the Newport Commissioners meeting last night. If approved in second reading later this month, demolition could begin as soon as early February. The city through sale of this property and Hope VI grant is following a trend in many urban areas to disperse low income housing. The thought (and the proven trend) is that by dipersing the low income housing you end up with lower crime in the overall community.

Through the program the Housing Authority is building many owner-occupied houses and townhomes for low income property owners. Home Ownership also goes a long way to fight crime/blight. I think it's truly a win for the community, development, and low income families.

At the left is an example of one of the townhomes that was built on Isabella.

No developer has been named for the property yet, but the goal is housing and retail to compliment Newport on the Levee, and continue the progress started there.

You are so arrogant Joe. You are an elitist and have contempt for the less wealthy. You have no concern for their feelings or community. Did you ever stop to think that many of these people are comfortable where they are?

I have a friend who grew up there. He is Doctor xxxx, a lawyer, and went to school at Oxford (England). And from what he told me , you have no clue.

The city wanted the property for commercial developement so they move out the poor and disrupt their lives.
I'm very critical of many of Newport's development efforts -- e.g., the Newport Promenade project has been a disaster -- but I applaud the work on scattered-site housing. One of the families lives two doors down from me, and I guarantee that it's a better place to raise a family (they have three kids) than the old projects.
Dieter, you only make me laugh. I have such contempt for the 'less wealthy' that I spend a significant portion of my life working with Give Back Cincinnati. A non-profit focused on enhancing communities. In 5 years we have: painted the interior of 8 Cincinnati Public Schools, painted the exterior of 58 low-income, owner-occupied homes (with 30 more in 2006). But you are right... I'm an elitist, I hate poor people.

Anyway, sure there are some folks who are comfortable where they are. I am sure there are plenty more that are uncomfortable in run down housing, riddled with crime. I am sure MANY of them, like the family Dave mentions below would much prefer a different location if offered, especially if home ownership is an option...

One last comment about having 'no clue'... My wife Melanie, works for the Brighton Center. Does in-home visits with new moms in Newport, many of which are in the Housing Authority. So, I'd say that you're pretty flat wrong about my not having any idea what I'm talking about. But thanks for your comment... as always, I'm sure you're a bundle of joy to be around.
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