Thursday, January 12, 2006


Mont Inn Banquet Center Making Way for Condos

Cincinnati will finally get something on its end of the Purple People Bridge. A long rumored development by the Gregorys at the foot of the bridge has receieved approval. The original goal was to move the banquet center across the street to a vacant on-ramp once used for the bridge. ODOT will not release that site, as they are holding out hope for an eventual light rail line and want that site for a transit center. Okay, I guess, if I ever thought Cincinnati would get light rail.

But the project will move forward by tearing down the banquet center. New location has not yet been identified, but Mont Inn is looking for a site downtown (Banks anyone?) The new project will consist of a high-rise condo tower and 2 restaurants under neath. I think it's great and all these condo projects seem to be making progress in NKY and Cincinnati, and they all seem to be selling well. However, I don't know a single person who has bought a condo downtown or on the NKY riverfront... does anyone else?

I definitely know several people....and I know many that wish they would get more affordable units, in the 150-300k range available.
I just bought a unit in Parker Flats which I'm really excited about. I agree the downtown condos are expensive! I paid a little more than I would have liked but got two parking spots and I think Parker Flats is going to be a prestige condo once built. We'll see. In another year or so there will be many downtown residents, thats for sure. Parker Flats is based on a building built in Seatle which I profiled here.
I am moving into Parker Flats as well. While not having the profile of Covington's Gateway. It certainly will have superior living space/price psf due to every unit being two-story.

My friends just moved in to Park Place next to the Taft. Here is a photo from New Year's

The Gateway units on Central & Vine are in the $150-300 price range. And I have heard that many people in the Emery are planning to buy when it goes condo.
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