Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Let's Get Rolling - My New Bike

Well... I finally did it. I went out and bought a road bike. I road a lot last year, but road my Mongoose Mountain bike on the road with slicks.... better than knobby mtn bike tires, but still not the same as a road bike.

I had convinced myself that I wanted an semi entry-level bike. Basic requirements:

- Shimano 105 Components - No Tiagra
- Carbon Fork - Seat Post would be nice, but fork a must
- Decent Wheels

That was all fine and good. I hit the town and went to Reser, Campus Cyclery, Oakley Cycles, BioWheels. Didn't see a ton that a fell in love with. Decent Felt at Campus, but it was out of my price range. So I reluctantly went to Montgomery Cyclery. Nothing wrong with the people there, but they're a bit larger than the LBS (local bicycle shop) I was hoping to patronize. Well, it was at M.C. that I found the bike I love (and now own). It was last years model, which is great because it's the same as this years model, except for the color. And because it was last years model it was $600 off. So I ended up with a bike in my price range that exceeded my expectations:

Specialized Roubaix Elite 27
- Shimano Ultegra Components - All parts (front/rear derailers, Shifters, Gears)
- Carbon Fork, Seat Post and Rear
- Great Wheels

Now all I need is the weather to stay warm (and get warmer) and I can begin my riding... here's a picture so you can all fall in love:

(Click to enlarge).

Congrats on your new bike. I have the Specialized Sequoia Elite. It looks a lot like yours. Are you going to do the MS150 in July? It's a blast.
Why not get a car instead? They go much faster than a bike! Cars are so cool!
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