Monday, January 09, 2006


Grandpa Charlie

Kind of funny to read an article about your Grandpa in the newspaper. He certainly is a 'hero'. But it's one of those things where as you go about your everyday life you sometimes miss the heroics in the people around you. It's always just been Grandpa Shelton to me. I guess you taken for granted the wonderful things about him... his stories, his history lessons. But reading an article like this, whether it's your grandpa or not, should remind serve as a reminder for folks to learn from their grandparents. Take interest in their stories. You never know just what you might learn about life, your city, or yourself by doing it.

Congrats to Grandpa Charlie on being recognized as a Hometown Hero.

Hard to believe Grandpa Joe has a grandpa himself!
Sounds like a one heck of a guy with a great attitude. You should be proud, Joe ...
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