Friday, January 27, 2006


Covington has the 'Mojo'

Interesting story in the Post today about Covington. And I want to first say, I think it's awesome what Covington has done. They are pushing projects forward and getting things done. From The Ascent to Jump '06 to the wedding district, they are putting plans in place and making them a reality for developers.

The key thing that I want to point out in this article though, is the 'mojo'. The public relations, the positive attitude. That's what makes these projects reality. Mayor Butch Callery is nothing but positive in this article and any other article I've ever seen him in. He won't even hint at a negitive comment. Why? Well, he's either an immensely positive person, or he understands that even the slightest negativity will be eaten up by the media. So, it's one thing to discuss behind closed doors the concerns you have about a development or a city issue, but don't let the media catch wind.

What does this result in? Positive news coverage. Almost every article about Covington hits on the same things. The Ascent, the Arts District, the Wedding District. Very little dirt has been moved in any of those areas, but progress has been made and things are happening. There was a perfect opportunity for the writer in this article to talk about 'misses' for Covington. The failed Madison Theater, the disaster with the Covington Landing barges. Instead the article remains positive. I think a large part of that has to do with PR and the people in charge.

Bravo for Covington, but many of the projects they are discussing haven't begun yet. And a large percentage of them are awaiting HUGE government subsidies. So, why is that development different than the development on the Cincy riverfront (museum, sports stadiums, etc)? Certainly Covington retail and restaurant locations are in a better position because of those stadiums and entertainment venues.

One final point... One of the best things about the Covington developments is the focus on small business, and niche properties. I think that's fantastic and I hope they are successful with it.

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