Monday, November 07, 2005


WalMart - High Cost for Low Price

There certainly has been a lot of talk about 'Big Box' retailers, and their affect on local economies and communities. There is a new documentary about the global reaching retailer, and their business tactics. There are local viewings at Kaldi's (Nov. 14 7 PM) and Southgate House (Nov. 19 9&11 PM) in the coming weeks. Click the previous links to RSVP. Come out for a viewing, or go online and buy the DVD. I urge you to educate yourself, whether you are anti-walmart or pro-walmart, check out the movie and join the debate. I don't deny that some of the movie is likely to be propaganda, but you're also likely to learn some things.

After the Kaldi's viewing, 'A Small Group' will lead a discussion about how big-box retailers are changing the economy and social fabric of America. RSVP above, or email Collette ( Hope to see you there!

There will also be a showing on November 16 at the 20th Century Theatre in Oakley (3021 Madison Rd)
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