Friday, November 04, 2005


Stop 'Antics' - I Vote to End Paul Daugherty

I typically read Mr. Daugherty about 3 times a week. Usually without fail his articles annoy me. Today's is especially stupid. It's the idiotic prohibition argument. Someone Drunk has done something stupid, let's ban all people from drinking beer. I'm pretty sure we've tried that before (early 1900's), didn't work out so well. I would be willing to guess out of the 65,000 people at a Bengals game that less than half are drunk (that is generous too, I bet it's much lower). Whatever the actual number of drinking and drunk people there is at the game (it's definitely more than 10,000), I would venture to guess that the number of people actually arrested or even kicked out of the game is less than a half dozen. It's your typical over-reaction to a problem.

I recently got back from a trip with Habitat for Humanity to Ecuador. While there, we were able to get tickets to the world cup qualifying game between Ecuador and Uruguay. I won't go into details, but let me tell you the event was general seating, the place held about 30,000, and they sold more than 40,000 tickets to the game. There were fights in the stands, bottle rockets being fired from the seats, and open fire (in the form of car flares) thoughout the crowd. Inside and outside the stadium were bands of gypsies roaming around bumping into people and picking their pockets (our group of 12 lost 2 cameras). I suggest Mr. Daugherty try a sporting event like that and then discuss with me the 'problems with the antics of Bengal fans'.... hell, just go up to Cleveland for a game. The Bengals games are kindergarten in comparison.

I think Bengals fans should drink more. They've watched them win 3 home games to teams with a 5-19 record. When they played a real team at home they were destroyed.
Cleveland has real fans. They show up no matter what. Cincy only backs a team when they win which is roughly once every 15 years.

2003 CLE attendance: 73,196
2004 CLE attendance: 73,105

Change: -0.1%

2003 CIN attendance: 59,936
2004 CIN attendance: 65,531

Change: +8.5%

So, all this talk seems silly for a city full of fair-weather fans.
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