Sunday, December 25, 2005


Arnie's on the Levee

Went to New Arnie's sports bar across from the Levee on Friday. If you've ever been to Upstar Crow before it closed, it's pretty much exactly the same.

Article in the post indicates that an official grand opening will happen in Mid-January. Here's what I suggest before they do that:

- Sports 'stuff' - there isn't so much as a Bengals flag, a UC jersey, or a Reds banner in the place. I don't know how you can be a sports bar and not have any.

- Recognize 'Arnie' - The post article lets people in on the fact that the place is named after co-owner and Bob Arnzen, former St. X, Notre Dame and Cincinnati Royals (pre-NBA team) star. Put something on the walls, in the menu, somewhere that clues people in to who Arnie is.

- Figure out what Arnie's is - Again Post makes reference to the fact that Upstar failed because they didn't know there customer. There was no market for a jazz/blues club that was smoke free in Cincinnati. That is followed up by this comment from the 'Arnie'

"We're kind of a sports bar by day, and then at night we become a club where people can dance. We'll have some live music, a couple of acoustic players, and a band on New Year's Eve,"

Maybe I'm wrong, but the idea of 'sports bar by day', seems strange to me. Most sporting events are at night or on the weekend day. Maybe I'm wrong again, but those that enjoy going to see live music and or to a dance club, usually aren't looking up 'sports bars' in CityBeat to find a place to go. I just think you either need to be a dance club or a sports bar, not both.

I went to Arnie's last week. It was a blast. I was able to watch the Cleveland Cavs game and a college football Bowl game. Then the DJ started goin and it was a big party.

This blogger needs to get out more if he is going to comment on bars. "Dance clubs" don't get hopping until after 11, when east coast sporting events are over. Arnie's is a perfect mix for both for a fun night out!
Is it still smoke free?
At least I have a heads up to give it a wide berth.
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I can't say that i disagree with the first blog(even though i am a manager) but we opened arnie's in three days! we've since put local sports teams on the walls, and will continue doing so! We do turn the tables at 11(like the second blog said)and Feb. 2nd. we will be hosting Girls Gone Wild and will also be kicking off our(weekly) ladies night the same night. College night will follow on wed. Feb.8th. Oh....and smoke all you want! Hope to see you there!
I went and this place was absolutely horrible. The drink prices were too expensive and I waited 15 minutes to get a drink. Time would be better spent across the street at Tropicana.
Love Arnie's. I've been for lunch, dinner, and a night out. It was perfect for all three. I spoke with the owners and know that they are still working out the kinks but are planning to expand the menu, add to the atmosphere, and listen to the community! You should give it another try.
The place was great when i went!! The food was very good. The bartender was very nice and friendly to talk to. I had a great time every time I've been. Check it out! Y
Went to Arnie's this weekend and bought a round of shots (six total) and one mixed drink.... I got over charged (bill was $46 bucks)so I asked for a breakdown and there was all kinds of stuff on my tab that I didn't order. I told the bar tender and he took the receipt back and refunded me $5 bucks (or so he said) which was not nearly enough to make up the difference.... to make matters worse when I checked my bank statement the next day it showed three CHARGES all in the range of $40-$50 dollars and a random $1 charge.... RIGHT needless to say it is two days later and I am still playing phone tag with the manager to get him to fix stuff... They have a new system where the bartender swipes your card at the beginning of the night and returns the card to you but keeps your tab open.... At the end of the night if you don't sign your bill they just add 20% tip and close your tab for you.... I signed my bill but apparently either A)the bartender let random people buy stuff on my tab B) the bartender was stupid and charged me three times instead of refunding me c) three people closed out on my tab instead of their own!!!! DO NOT OPEN A TAB AT ARNIE's
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