Thursday, November 17, 2005


Project Lily Pad Update

It's been a while since I've given an update on here about the Project Lily Pad (regional free wifi project). We've made quite a bit of progress in the past few months. We have our relationship with RoadRunner Business Class finalized. We have lily pad's at Fountain Square, Main St (Liberty to Central), Findlay Market, Hyde Park Square and Longworth Hall (Tailgate in style) up and running.

We announced at BoldFusion a plan to make the riverfront wireless, and we've made great progress there. Stay tuned for an announcement about that in the next couple weeks including sponsor. But it will light up the riverfront on both banks from Sawyer Point to Longworth Hall, and from Newport to Covington Rivercenter.

We have plans in the works with SORTA, and proposals out to about 20 communities for wifi biz districts. We are also in the final stages with the Cincinnati Park Boards to rebrand their existing free wifi spots (Piatt, Friendship, Krohn) as Lily Pad, and then assist them with an agressive ramp up to get more parks wireless.

So be sure to get out there and use the wifi that's free already, and contact me if you'd like to get involved or have a location you'd like to see wireless (

Very nice, thanks for the updates Joe.
Also, I've reposted and commented briefly on this post, here.
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