Thursday, November 17, 2005


Bengals Week

This is clearly the most exciting a week for Bengals football as there has been in a long time. From reports of high priced tickets, to conterfeit tickets, to record sales for Bengals gear across the country, it's been non-stop coverage. It certainly is a huge game, though it's not do or die. It would be a big step forward for the Bengals and for Carson to win a game like this, but it's not a must win.

On another note, I got my invoice for Playoff tickets yesterday as a season ticket holder. That's a new experience. It's exciting, but I must say, WOW... the NFL sets prices high for playoff tickets. $105/seat, and you're required to purchase 2 games. If the Bengals don't make the playoffs or don't have home playoff games, then the total is credited towards next years season tickets...

And finally... to get hyped up for the game, check out the new Who Dey chant by Cincinnati's own Bootsy Collins: Fear Da Tiger

I can totally see drunk, white, 30-something tailgaters dancing next to the car while playing this song.

Gimme the classic 'Bewtzie!'
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