Friday, October 14, 2005


Visions for Findlay Market Neighborhood

Friends of Findlay Market have put together a forum on Oct. 26th to bring together many of those that are doing amazing things in the Findlay Market area. Learn about Cornerstone (an effort lead by Margery Spinney that is amazingly successful at making renters feel an ownership stake in their community). Learn about Damon Lynch's idea for an African Cooridor. Learn what Darrick Dansby is doing with Smart Money, a non-profit helping low-income folks get out of the cycle of debt, and many others. The event is free, hope to see you there:

When: 7-9 PM - Wed, Oct. 26
Where: Memorial Hall - 1225 Elm St.
Cost: Free - Enjoy free food from Findlay Market after the event.
Moderator: Dan Hurley - Host of Newsmakers on Channel 12
Margery Spinney - Cornerstone Community Loan Fund
Damon Lynch - African Cooridor and City Council Candidate
Andy Hutzel - ReStoc
Darrick Dansby - SmartMoney Owner
Mike Moose - Glasserworks - Loft Developer

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