Monday, October 17, 2005


Schools - They Really Do Matter

Whether you have kids or not, schools are important. If you some day plan to have children, or even if you plan on being childless, the schools in your community will have significant impact on the quality of life you live.

Schools are also the #1 reason why people indicate they leave cities for suburbs. So instead of just running for the pastures, here is your chance to actually learn a little about candidates and vote for candidates that match your ideals. While not as exciting as going to the bar, and not as sexy as a Mayoral Candidate debate, the school board may have as much if not more impact on the community you live in. So here is your chance to learn, be educated and vote to make a difference. Quit voting for the 'name you've heard before' and start voting based on information.

The Citizens School Committee is a coaltion of more than 40 community groups who care about Cincinnati Public Schools. They are holding a forum for candidates:

School Board Candidate Forum
Wed. Oct. 19th from 7-9 PM
Mayerson Academy auditorium
(2650 Highland Avenue, Corryville).
Hope to see you there, and if you can't make it you can read the candidate's responses to the CSC questionaire here. You can also read about CSC's philosophy, and their general guidelines for candiates.

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