Saturday, September 24, 2005


MPMF Saturday Night

As I mentioned previously... my friends Brent and Janet are getting married tonight, so I won't be out to see the festivities. But I'll still send out some recommendations, and encourage everyone not attending Brent and Janet's wedding to head out and catch some bands!

9 PM:
Kitty Rose @ Arnold's - Hopland, CA - Acoustic Country
Tim Lee @ Mr. Pitiful's - Knoxville, TN - Roots Rock

10 PM:
The Baghdaddios @ Alchemize - NYC - Laid back Punk Rock
Culture Queer @ Club Dream - Cincy - Radiohead-ish
The Turnbull AC's @ The Exchange - Cincy - Roots this band.
Fundamentals @ RBC - St. Louis - G. Love style acoustic hip hop.

11 PM: Local Hour - Check out one (or more) of these great local bands:
the virgins @ Alchemize
the woos @ Japp's
Fizzgig @ J-Hall
The Swarthy Band @ Jekyll and Hyde's 3rd floor. - My Pick
Staggering Statistics @ Neon's
The Defrost Star @ Viper Room

The Wrenfields @ Arnold's - Detroit - Americana/Bluegrass
FLUTTR EFFECT @ Club Dream - Boston - For something completely different... go check it out.
STAMPEAD @ The Exchange - LA - Roots Rock west coast style.

1 AM: Two Great shows completely different to choose from:
Dorsey @ Neon's - Indy - Roots Rock
GITOGITO HUSTLER @ Alchemize - Kyoto Japan - these shows are as different as they could be... one is roots, the other is 4 female group of punk rockers from Japan. Take your pick!

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