Tuesday, September 20, 2005


More Government Handouts

Now I must say, taxes going down is normally a good thing. But Chabot's proposal to give everyone a $500 tax credit for gas is insane. Do gas prices suck? Very much. But the bottom line is you have oil companies making record profits in the same year there are record gas prices. Perhaps we need a cap on oil company profits. But that seems a bit too socialist. But it seems more inline than having the government sending out checks to people for driving cars.

Perhaps the problem is CONSUMPTION. So incenting people to have cars and drive them is not going to solve the supply/demand that drives price. A better solution would be tax credits for those NOT using gas. How about credits for taking the bus (make it finicially important to use mass transit). Or using other means like carpooling, vanpooling or riding bikes. We can take the opportunity to actually shift behavior, and lessen dependency on gas. This plan is just awful.

I say an increase in gas tax and CAFE standards. Of course, now this is a bad time to do it because prices are high. But we could have invested in better transportation infrastructure as well as alternate fuel sources. But we are beholden to the almighty dollar. It's going to be an ugly 5 years...
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