Wednesday, September 21, 2005


MidPoint Music Festival - Kicks Off

And Andy played a great set off the balcony of the CAC today at lunch. Pretty cool seeing them 'hanging off the edge' of the building.

The show kicks off tonight with a CD release party tonight at McFadden's featuring live music by Fizzgig, Jason and the Argonauts, and The Virgins. Show kicks off at 7:30 PM and is free, so come out and get the party started.

And LilyPad - Free Wireless is up at the CAC for MidPoint, and will (fingers crossed) be live on Main St tomorrow in time for MidPoint... so bring your laptop down to the CAC or to Main St and enjoy free wireless thanks to Project LilyPad!


Keep spreading the word! Bill Donabedian and his team have done an amazing job with MPMF, and his work with 3CDC has also moved our city in a foward diretion. There's a lot going on in our city, so stop the "Cincinnati Cynics" that feel there's "nothing going on" or "there's no organizations to team up with and make positive impact" etc. I spoke with you previously, and appreciated your direction and motivation. I am now part of "Give Back Cincinnati" (after speaking with Ryan Rybolt and Laura Baverman) as a member of the "Communications Committee". I am sure I will see you in passing, on projects, or around our awesome city!

Happy Holidays!
Brian Siegel
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