Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Steve Earle - What Happened

Via Radio Free Newport....

Pretty interesting rant from Dave here. It's amazing to me how things like this happen. How a guy who claims to be a socialist, can end up with his music in the background of a commericial for one of the LARGEST SUV's on the market during the All-Star Game.

It reminded me of during the Summer Olympics when I saw the Volkswagen commerical for the first time and heard Richard Buckner in the background. I thought to myself 'No Way'. Someone better call Buckner and let them know his song had been stolen. I mean, this is the same guy I saw on stage at Bumbershoot in Seattle a couple years ago, actually informing the crowd NOT to buy his record at the show, because the merch folks were selling it for $15 and that was too much... now he's okaying a commercial for a car?

I guess I'd be out there hocking my songs if I were a musician (that's kind of the point), but it always amazes me when musicians take holier than though positions, and then turn around and sell their soul when the pocket strings get tight.

Looks like Earle jumped the shark. It's one thing if you don't claim to have integrity, but Earle always acted as if he was against the machine. Maybe it's all part of the game. You are against the machine until an opportunity presents itself and then you sign on the dotted line and become a big cog. Son Volt also hawked VWs (Jodel). Pretty damn funny.
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