Monday, July 25, 2005


Maisonette Closed

With plans to relocate to Kenwood in early 2006 going through some trouble, and the announcement they are closing today you have to wonder if there isn't more to the story. Originally, the restaurant was to remain open at it's downtown location until relocation was complete. However, the unexpected announcement that the restaurant would close immediately is interesting to me.

Nate Comisar comments, “the decision (to close) was made for us Friday” by investors. That is a very interesting statement that gives an idea on just how bad things were for the restaurant. I think there are some money problems here that go deeper than what is being discussed, and that is the real driver for the move. He needs someone to infuse a lot of cash into the business to pay down debt.... this is my opinion only, but that's sure what it seems like. Has little to do with downtown business climate and a lot more to do with Nate's inability to manage the longest running 5 star restaurant in the country.

Sounds like an effort to put some political pressure on Kenwood to approve the new location plans.

And it just might work.
More to the story? Uh, yeah. Bluffing? Yep. The people in the alley behind my building aren't the only ones dealing crack downtown.

-Joe Reporter
Sucks for advocates of a thriving downtown.
First of all, it's Nat, not Nate. Reporters, and bloggers, should get their facts straight.
Secondly, although I don't know that Nat did a good job running The Maisonette, How do you know that it was his mismanagement that was the problem? Please elaborate in detail. Thanks,
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